Our Philosophy?

Advertising is not a sprint

Progressively increasing market share and sales is the end result of a sound advertising program. This is exactly what we do for the short and long term.

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Gotta Game Plan?

Every market area is unique

Before we invest one red cent for any new client we learn their market first and every possible advertising avenue to optimize their advertising investments. Once we discover your unique selling proposition your competition is in big trouble.

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Online Location!

Location! Location! Are you online?

Chances are your competitor is. Winning the online game is crucial... Relax, we will show you how visitors can find you online so they can visit you offline.

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Need a bright idea?

Let's take another look

Big ideas and positioning coupled with creative continuity is a powerful force that will make today's advertising pay off big time for the short and long term. It's a shame how many dealers don't get this and waste so much money.

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Get Social with it!

Social Media made easy

Our creative team can help not only set up your social presence, but can step in to manage your program on a daily basis.

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Let's face it, TV and Radio are not going anywhere. You simply cannot reach more people more consistently with any other medium. What has changed recently is how they are bought and TMG's media buyers specialize in effectively capturing the target in every size market.

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From strategy to implementation, we look at the big picture without forgetting the details. Digital, by its nature, is an ever growing liquid medium, so our list is always expanding. Don't understand something? We won't hide behind industry jargon because we want you to understand what tactics we're employing and why.

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Social Media

Facebook has 800 Million users and counting...1 Billion Tweets are posted every week... It's time to leverage the power of social media to drive customers to your dealership. An effective social strategy requires captivating ideas and a team that can deliver results.

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